Why some translation providers hate doing test translations?

Some translators spend a lot energy and time about resisting test translations. I found this quite fascinating. Why pick on doing test translations so much? Why take it so personally?

There are some other translation related issues that really bug me and should occupy other translation professionals instead of this? Some of these matters are; lack of appreciating the value of translations, using machine translation for corporate communications etc etc. Some of these are burning matters for the future of our profession too.

But somehow, being asked to do a free test translation can fire up so much frustration where as simply replying ‘thanks but no thanks’ would suffice for all parties and one one would necessarily be offended.

Lets focus on promoting the value translations can add to any business looking for overseas growth. Translation is about communicating to potential customers in their native language and the image and the credibility of the business. And poor translations can damage a business’s reputation whether they are small or large.

I am very passionate about translations as a means of global communication and the value we can add to any business.

Lets talk about this more often. Happy translating…


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